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Allah (swt) Governance on Earth

che Allah lo protegga
che Allah lo protegga

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عالمي Allah (swt) Governance on Earth

مُساهمة من طرف Okht في الأربعاء 29 سبتمبر - 22:49:30

Allah (swt) Governance on Earth

Taken from author's introduction, ' I hope that you on reading these words are found to be in sound health and strong imaan. Due to the absence of books in English regarding Tawhid-ul-Haakimiyyah it was deemed necessary to put together this large research work on the subject. We were also grieved to find that this subject was not being given the attention that it deserves by shaikhs, maulana’s, mosque committees and the average Muslim. Along with this, and the negligence of the scholars and their adherents in presenting the ails of the Ummah and giving the workable solutions, we saw the impending reality of putting together a research covering the most common controversy today, the Shari`ah and it’s implementation.'
che Allah lo protegga
che Allah lo protegga

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مُساهمة من طرف KAMAL في الأربعاء 6 أكتوبر - 20:22:32

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